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Globally, aviation courses support 58 million jobs and contribute $2.4 trillion to the economy. In 2014, the aviation industry directly supported around 9 million jobs. This number is likely to grow 50% in the next two decades, putting, even more, pressure on the industry to ensure that its workforce is well trained. Business and flight support activities all over the world’s aviation facilities generate billions of dollars in economic activity, create jobs, and improve business operating efficiencies. Aviation, Hospitality & Travel is the largest and fastest growing Service Sectors globally. Since these industries are emerging with lot many opportunities there are many aviation institutes that guide those who want to build their careers in these sectors. TransGlobe Academy is the Aviation Institute in Kochi and Kerala which provides Aviation Courses, Hospitality & Travel Management courses, Air Hostesscourses  for the young aspirants who are interested in airports, airlines, hotels or travel companies. As long as people travel, eat and lodge, there will be great job offers in the aviation, Hospitality & Travel industry, the Skilled workforce is critical for sustaining aviation and aerospace employers’ operations. The Texas Department of Transportation reports the overall annual economic output of aviation in Texas as $59.5 billion dollars. That translates to over 770,000 jobs and over $23.2 billion dollars related salaries paid to aviation employees.

Some facts – In the present scenario 12 domestic airlines and above 60 international airlines are operating in India. The growth of airlines traffic in Aviation Industry in India is almost four times above international average. Aviation Industry in India has placed the biggest order for Aircraft globally. Aviation Industry in India holds around 69% of the total share of the airlines traffic in the region of South Asia.

There are many opportunities available for you to pursue, in Aviation Industry not only as a Pilot / Airhostess. Get a flight to the future with a career in Aviation! Join Transglobe academy, the best aviation institute in Kerala.


A variety of careers are associated directly with Airport operations.


Find a career one of the largest employing industries out there today.

As per the Tourism ministry, Tourism is expected to be the second-largest industry in the world by 2019. No other industry offers career benefits and payment packages, as lucrative as these industries. The 12-month Diploma & PG Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel management take you to one of the most lucrative job offers in the industry. The hospitality industry is a multi-billion – dollar industry that depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. As long as people travel, eat and lodge, there will be great job offers in the aviation Hospitality & Travel industry. TransGlobe Academy is one of the leading aviation institutes in Kochi, Calicut, Kerala providing Aviation Management Courses, Hospitality & Travel courses under one roof.



Course Eligibility Duration

Career Roles

  • Airline Ground Operations Jobs
  • Airline Ticketing
  • Airport Jobs
  • Baggage handling
  • Cabin Crew/Air hostess
  • Cargo & transportation
  • Customer service
  • Fares & ticketing
  • Flight Attendants
  • Foreign exchange or sales executive
  • Guest Coordinator
  • In-flight services & security
  • Itinerary planner
  • Passenger handling
  • Senior Travel Counselor
  • Travel desk executive
  • Travel Executive