1. Admission to a program depends upon the eligibility criteria for that particular program as defined from time to time.

2. Admission to any program is not-transferable to any other individual.

3. Applications incomplete in respect of factual information shall be rejected.

4. Application should be submitted in person at TransGlobe School of Logistics and Aviation Management office within the due date of the prescribed admission schedule.

5. Application must be submitted with required number of sets of Xerox attested copies of documents as specified in document check list of this form.

6. Submission of application form does not mean that admission is offered and is confirmed.

7. Application can’t be directly submitted without prior verification by competent authority.

8. The Competent Authority can make change to the schedule of admission process if required, without assigning any reasons thereof.

9. Candidates on wait listing need to keep visiting TransGlobe School of Logistics and Aviation Management notice board as well as TransGlobe School of Logistics and Aviation Management website for latest announcements related to admission process. Competent Authority / TransGlobe School of Logistics and Aviation Management shall not be responsible for any loss on account of same.

10. Admission is not right, it is an opportunity. Candidates reporting late after specified dates shall not have any claim on the admission.

11. If offered admission, the candidate has to personally report the competent Authority on specified date & time with originals, 5 sets of Xerox copies duly attested by competent officer and 3 passport size color photographs along with the Tuition fees in full. In case of deficiency application shall be rejected.

12. All fees to be paid by students to the institute by the stipulated time.

13. Late payment of fees would carry a fine and could lead to cancellation of admission.

14. Any fee paid to the institute is NON-REFUNDABLE.

15. As TransGlobe academy is not a University, its courses are not recognized by UGC.

16. TransGlobe Academy does not guarantee 100% placement.

17. ID Card shall be made available to all eligible and admitted candidates after the Cut-off- date as specified by TransGlobe School of Logistics and Aviation Management.

18. In case of cancellation of admission by the candidate, no refund will be made.

19. All admitted students must personally report the Competent Authority as per the reporting dated specified. Admission of students, reporting after specified dates shall automatically stand cancelled. And the candidate will not have any claim on said admission.

20. Candidate has to follow attendance & term work norms of TransGlobe School of Logistics and Aviation Management, specified from time to time. Else, the term of the candidate is not granted.

21. In case of any dispute conflict or any other unforeseen problems related to admission of the candidate or admission process as a whole, the decision of Management of TransGlobe School of Logistics and Aviation Management and Competent Authority shall be final binding on the candidate.

22. All admissions will be confirmed on the basis of verification of mark sheets and satisfactory performance in Group discussion & personal Interview.
23.TransGlobe academy does not provide any job assurance.

Edge of TransGlobe:

  • Prepares Students for the Future: It is without question that students will need to know how to use technology to communicate and collaborate in their future careers. Almost all jobs use at least one form of technology, so students need to be comfortable using it.
  • Increases Student Engagement and Motivation: Technology allows teachers to engage and motivate students in new ways, like taking students on a virtual field trip to other parts of the world.
  • Provides Current Information and Wider Access: Technology gives students the most current information available. Electronic textbooks or web-based content can be updated in real-time. Classrooms can connect with other classrooms around the world to broaden their learning.
  • Supports Collaboration Skills: Students can practice collaboration skills by working in teams on projects using shared documents or conferencing technologies. This allows collaboration to happen outside of the classroom or between classrooms in different locations.