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B2B Segmentation: A Tool for Marketing and Logistic Strategy

B2B Segmentation is where two businesses enter into a deal that will allow both the organizations to target new customers and improve their sales together. This mutual relationship allows both businesses to focus their workforce and resources for finding new areas in the market for their products and services.

Why more businesses are getting into B2B segmentation

Through segmentation, companies aim to understand the evolving customer requirements and behaviour to serve them better. Businesses with shared interests or in the same location join forces to build a better reach through B2B Segmentation.

In earlier practice, businesses created a product or a service and tried to market it to the general population by means of marketing, hoping that their product or service will find buyers. They often end up in situations where they have to artificially generate an interest in their products among potential consumers. With segmentation, businesses understand the customer requirements first and then collaborate to create a product or a service that is more suited to the needs and preferences of customers.

B2B Segmentation enhances Marketing

India houses the second largest number of internet users in the world. The Internet has grown from a luxury to a necessity. As the internet has become a part of our daily lives, a potential customer almost always looks up a product online before they buy it. This culture has led brands to invest in internet marketing as opposed to traditional marketing practices.

Various digital marketing companies have jumped at this opportunity to find the market for products through social media and mobile marketing. Brands who want to look good on the internet strike up deals with digital marketing companies that takes the product to their client’s target audiences.

B2B Segmentation aids in Logistics

As multinational brands expand their business to cities all over the world, distribution and warehousing are two important factors that need extra care. If brands relied on company-owned warehouses and transportation in their home country, the situation is quite different abroad. Businesses have to scout for reliable third-party logistics operators who have a workforce that includes personnel who have undertaken supply chain management courses and logistics courses that have strong roots in that particular country.

In such scenarios, brands enter into a B2B segmented relationship with this third party logistics operator, thereby allowing them to peddle their products abroad their home country, and on the other hand, the third party logistics company obtain valuable traction to extend their services to other multinational brands as well.

We at TransGlobe, aim to sculpt talented individuals on various business and logistic related practices that are trending in the current business world. We offer Logistics training, supply chain management courses, shipping management courses among various others.

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