Warehousing is an integral part of the logistics industry, it can even be considered as the nerve centre of the logistics industry. Even during COVID-19, warehousing has managed to stabilize its demand in the retail and e-commerce segment. Competition in the e-commerce segment enables companies for providing value-added services including “Same day delivery” which can result in the emergence of warehouses in every big city and town.

Cost reduction and Value addition has caused many corporates to explore and adopt innovation and impart big technology change. COVID-19 pandemic has revived the labour-intensive warehouse to automation-driven warehouses.

Traditional low-grade go-down setup being replaced by automated storage devices with modern handling equipments and pre-engineered structures. These also include climate-controlled warehouses with safety features and surveillance system and an efficient tracking system as well.

All these resulted in the efficiency, accuracy, and standardization which in turn ensures value addition for the customers.

Usage of Warehouse Management System and RFID tracking system seems common in warehouses in small towns.

Facelift of traditional go-downs setup was made by the integration of sophisticated technologies, modern storage system and upgraded equipment handling mechanism, aiding the significant rise in the investment in logistics segment.

Superior technology now plays a major competitive edge in the industry. The introduction of robotics and Big-data analytics has started a new practice in the warehouse industry. Complex algorithms are used in Warehouse Management System to process and analyse data and study the future demand and trends.

According to Research and Markets, India’s Warehouse Market is expected to grow from $12.2 billion currently to $19.5 billion by 2025. As per report 3rd party logistics has emerged as the largest occupier of warehouse space in 2020 followed by E-commerce.

The emergence of demand in the warehouse segment result in the standardization of processes, requirement of skilled specialists, investment in technology and creation of structured system and quality practices.

Warehouse employment has surpassed its pre-pandemic level to reach the highest ever recorded. This popularizing trend can be seen as the e-commerce sales are higher than several previous points in time.


Warehouse specialist is involved in warehouse process up-gradation and strategic interventions in the warehousing process that enables the smooth flow of supply chain and enables value addition for customers through the quality process, reduced lead time, efficient storage, effective tracking, reduced errors, fewer customer complaints and healthy work culture in the warehouse.

Most of the Warehouse specialists are required in the Retail, Manufacturing, and E-commerce industry.

A warehouse specialist requires a Diploma or Post Graduate diploma in logistics with Warehouse specialization or an additional certificate in Warehouse Management. International bodies and accredited associations are providing certification in these areas.

Warehouse Specialist is even required in airports, shipping docks, Specialist must be expert knowledge in the overall process in a warehouse like Receiving, Putaway, Order processing, Order picking, packing, shipping, Cross-docking, WMS operations, Safety regulations of OSHA.

The specialist is involved in the day-to-day operations of W.H operations like Receiving, Storage, Client order management, Packaging, delivery operations, Maintain reports and statistics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The position involves monitoring the day-to-day smooth warehouse function by a proper delegation of tasks and also have the clarity of the bigger picture. Performance of the Warehouse is evaluated based on Cost-effectiveness, Quality services, space utilization, resource management, less lead time, value-added services to customers, ability to provide customized services, standardization of process and quality in warehouse, and implementation of benchmark system by comparing the international warehouse standards.

Meantime eye on detail is also required regarding the order processing, delivery of goods as per the schedule. Make sure employees are following the safety standards. Warehouse specialist has a major role in reengineering the layout of the warehouse and also maintain the technology pace as per the industry standards by using updated storage system, usage of Automated storage and retrieval system, Automated guided vehicles and innovative material handling equipment.


Job Responsibility

A Warehouse specialist job can be broadly classified into day-to-day operational functions as well as Strategic functions.


  • The specialist must make sure Receiving, Putaway, Order processing, Order picking, packing, shipping have been going as per plan and schedule.
  • Make sure Quality check is done at each level and errors been sorted and reduced.
  • Prepare and maintain reports and records on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Monitor and manage inventory, Make sure the organization follow an efficient inventory control techniques, make sure items are in stock and fixing issue related to the quantity and quality.
  • Effective utilization of Warehouse resources which include, time, task, cost, workforce, space utilization, etc.
  • Distribution activities must be given due importance regarding timely delivery and distribution management.


Job Specifications

  • Warehouse specialist is expected to be highly organized, self-motivated, self-managed and must have leadership skill who could work under pressure.
  • Specialist required good communication skill with the good interpersonal skill to connect with employees as well as clients and suppliers
  • Knowledge of Warehouse management system or any ERP having warehouse module will be an added advantage
  • Warehouse Specialist must know Microsoft office
  • H Specialist requires analytical skill as well as problem-solving skill
  • Must have an eye on detail as well as the ability to forecast and monitor the overall warehouse operations.
  • Certification or knowledge on occupational safety and health administration will be an advantage


Indian warehouses are at the pace of rapid expansion and growth, result in face-lifting by using superior technology and recruitment of specialists. Expecting a vast scope for those who have acquired knowledge in this area and became experts in warehousing. Warehouse specialist is a prospective area for young aspirants to build their career.






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