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5 Supply Chain Projects That Could Drive Millions to Your Bottom Line

With international competition at its peak, and prices going down owing to pressure from the market, supply chain professionals are often asked to bring in more revenue from funds that are already running thin – a seemingly impossible task that can, however; be brought under control with these 5 supply chain projects.
1. Re-design your network
Take a look at the areas that pause the growth of your network. An expert advice might help even more for your network and with an expert helping you out, your savings can go upto 15-20%.
2. Overhaul your distribution network
A supply chain can be plagued with higher costs that make the chain incompetent. This cannot be fixed easily, but distribution experts can help a lot. With correct training, labor force can become more productive and show emphatic results.
3. Model the total cost
Making financial decisions from paperwork can do harm for your network. Take a closer look at your costing models rather than at the paperwork. Make decisions by keeping the supply chain in mind.
4. Use an Operational Playbook
A growing company will bump into the problem of scaling sooner or later. This is why operational playbook can be helpful as they give you a balance between strategies and education. A new manager can get all the guidance they need.
5. Assessing end-to-end Supply Chain
Having an outsider assess your end-to-end supply chain will give you great insights on its efficiency. Supply Chain Management in Calicut give students a wealth of knowledge on how to assess a supply a chain for its efficiency. You get an honest review at the current complex state, helping you take the right direction.

These 5 internal changes help you turn your network into a revenue-generating one, without changing the DNA of your supply chain network, or spending much from a slim budget.

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