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Shipping Management


The shipping industry is dynamic and changes are inevitable with the industry. Obsolete technologies are superseded by advanced technologies and old trends are getting replaced by new trends. Do you wish to see what the future looks like if you pursue a shipping management course and industry? Here are some trends that have cropped up in the industry recently.

The shipping industry is persistently improving and evolving by accommodating the innovations in technology and techniques. The two major trends that reshaped the outlook of the industry was containerization and globalization and they continue to influence the industry in a great way. Chiseling your skills and pursuing a course according to the upcoming trends will help you land a lucrative job in a successful firm.

Specialization can give you the edge

Up till a few years ago, shipping industry used to be just about containers and container trade. But the scenario is not the same, shipping companies are now investing in specialized ships. Transportation of extremely specialized and hazardous goods are in dire need of specialized ship management, even generic goods these days are opting for specialized shipping considering its efficacy and safety. If you wish to excel in this industry opt for a shipping management course that provides specialized knowledge about the industry and trade.

The bigger, the better

If your dream career lies in shipping management you will be familiar with the big players of the industry.The Berge Stahl, Hapag-Lloyd, COSCO, Maersk are the biggest and most trust shipping companies and they will continue their steep growth in the coming years.

Another entity that has been getting bigger recently is the size of the vessels. Giant ships are favoured these days and it is going to be a continuing trend.

Environment-friendly is in demand

Like any other industry, shipping too is focusing on environment-friendly trade practices. Innovations and policies are increasingly intended at reducing the environmental impact caused by the industry. Energy saving engines, efficient propeller performance, techniques to avoid spillage, high-end coatings, skysails pointed at minimizing carbon and sulphur emissions etc. are some of the newly adopted eco-friendly trends and techniques adopted by the shipping industry. Success is assured if you design your shipping management curriculum around these new trends.

The shipping management courses at Transglobe are designed according to the prevailing industry trends. Join our courses to commence your successful career in shipping.

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