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Is Logistics a Good Career Option?

Graduating with a degree in transportation and logistics can leave you with no shortage of career ways. Where the Logistics industry has shown immense growth in recent years and the report says that the results will rise soon in less time. Which increase the chance of job opportunities with high pay scale and which also lead to economic growth.

Therefore, choosing logistics as a career is always the best option for your future endeavors, but choosing the best logistics institute for the best in class training is always hard. There are only a few logistics institutes implemented INDUSTRIAL INTEGRATED TRAINING SYSTEM (IITS) in India and TransGlobe Academy is the first logistics institute to implement it.

Join TransGlobe Academy, one of the best logistics institute in Kochi, Kerala offers the best in class training in logistics training in Kochi.

 Popular career choices in logistics embrace transportation management, logistics management, inventory management, and logistics analysis, among others.

Particularly, this article will focus on information dealing with transportation, logistics, supply chain, distribution, purchasing and materials, and inventory managers, as well as logistics analysts.


1.Logistics Analyst

Logistics analysts improve product workflow by developing and analyzing logistics plans which affect distribution, production, and inventory. As a logistics analyst, you’ll have to create and review techniques for distribution and inventory management systems in order to meet customer demands and to reduce costs.

2.Transportation Manager

Transportation managers supervise private and contract carrier systems. They ensure cargo shipments are delivered on time to their destinations and track expense costs during the transportation process of all outgoing and incoming shipments. As a transportation manager, you’ll work with truck, train, and airline companies.

3.Logistics Manager

As a logistics manager, you would control a variety of operations within a supply chain flow of a company, such as a warehouse and distribution procedures, forecasting, customer service, and logistics systems. You’d be accountable for ensuring the safe delivery of incoming and outgoing shipments and for staying high on the supply and demand cycle.

4.Supply Chain Manager

A supply chain manager manages the overall supply chain operations of a company. In this role, you would supervise the purchasing and inventory of materials. You’d also choose vendors and maintain contact with customers to ensure that all requirements are consistently met with efficiency. You’d help improve the quality, productivity, and efficiency of supply chain operations by coordinating and resolving issues with existing and new products.

5.Distribution Manager

Working as a distribution manager, you’d direct the ordering and distribution of products, parts, and accessories in order to have timely deliveries and gain increased sales profits. You’d also need to keep contact with retailers on product delivery and with the merchandising department for product receiving. You’d typically report to a senior manager for work order approval and manage a personnel staff in a distribution department.

6.Purchasing and Materials Manager

If you’re interested in monitoring the buying activities of a company, you would consider a job as a purchasing and materials manager. You would be responsible for managing and identifying global sources of materials, managing client relationships, negotiating contracts and selecting suppliers.

7.Inventory Managers

Inventory managers consider inventory plans to maximize the effectiveness of customer service goals and inventory cost at distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and inbound material locations. Also, you would be responsible for meeting cost reduction goals and streamlining the supply chain.

Always choose the best logistics training for the top in class training to land in your dream job that pays well. Join Transglobe Academy logistics institute in Kochi, for high-quality learning experience from industry professionals who offers certification courses, diploma courses and post diploma courses in logistics. Choose your career wisely and land in a high paying career and fulfill your future endeavors.

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