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Aviation Courses and Career in Aviation Industry

Aviation seems to the fastest growing industry in the world. Job opportunities are increasing day by day in the aviation sector. Many airline jobs are well paying and provide status yet as excitement and fantastic advantages. Some common advantages embrace remuneration, vacation pay, comprehensive medical, dental, vision, prescription insurance plans, basic insurance, basic accidental death and mutilation coverage, versatile disbursement accounts, free transportation for worker and his or her immediate family on company airline, discounted transportation for worker and his or her immediate family on different airlines.  Transglobe Academy, one of the best aviation academy in Calicut provides aviation courses in Calicut and helps you land in the dream aviation career.

Cabin Crew

Also referred to as flight attendants, air hostesses, the cabin crew square measure liable for the welfare, safety, and luxury of airline passengers traveling throughout flights. The cabin crew square measures the face of the airline and thus should stay friendly and skilled. Their main role is providing quality client service to onboard passengers while guaranteeing their comfort and safety throughout the flight. They try to create the flying expertise as pleasant as the potential for the passengers through the supply of on flight amenities and square measure additional trained to touch upon security and emergency things and administer attention. As a cabin trained worker, you may work on long-term or short flights. Aviation Management Courses in Kerala covers all the topics required for you to become a successful cabin crew.

Ground Crew

The ground crew is the support personnel that service the craft on the bottom. These embrace roles like ramp agents, client service agents, and flight dispatchers. Tasks will vary from day to day and might embrace greeting and inform the craft within the direction of the gate within which they have to taxi or complete a quick clean of the craft interior. the bottom crew may also be to blame for aiding with unloading and transporting baggage, restocking food and drinkable stores on a flight, orienting the jet manner for passengers boarding. Transglobe Academy provides the best in class aviation courses in Calicut needed for you to achieve a ground crew job role.

Airline Customer Service Agent

Airline client service agents act because the initial purpose of contact for passengers boarding flights, and supply client service to the passenger’s assuming to travel. They’re very important for guaranteeing that passengers, similarly as their baggage, board the right craft at the correct time. Expect to figure on a shift system and at the airline sign-in table. They’re important for maintaining positive relationships customers to make sure the success of the airline. Their role encompasses checking in and ticketing passengers, and escorting them, if necessary. Aviation institutes in Calicut always focus on providing the best training sessions for aviation courses in Calicut for the well being of their students.


Join TransGlobe School of Logistics and Aviation Management, one among the best aviation academy in Calicut and get trained in quality education to get placed yourself in your dream aviation career.

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