It does excite that little joyful kid in you when you hear about aviation right?.

The opportunities it gave forth, the destinies it gave to people who aspired to aviation management courses was immense. For many, the aviation institute in Cochin gave the ultimate ticket to a better future.

Things haven’t changed any bit. The demand for the Aviation management courses in Kerala has surpassed its older self and the opportunities it gives has also multiplied on the passage of time.


It is widely predicted that by 2020, India will be ranked third among the world’s aviation industries.

As a result of that, careers in aviation will gain the drive and momentum with numerous International and Indian airlines. Jobs for both and private & public sectors have come up for freshers and experienced candidates.

There are many roles and positions that have now opened up creating a much larger demand for aviation professionals.

On that note, let’s explore the different opportunities one can pursue under aviation management courses in Kerala.

Airport Manager

They are the ones that manage and ensure efficient and safe operation of the airport on a regular basis.

  • From cost control to budgeting to hiring and training, they are involved in all direct managerial and administrative functions.
  • They develop, oversee and implement staffing schedules complying with airport policies and procedures.
  • An airport manager requires strong leadership and communication skills who should be adept leaders and problem solvers.

Airport Planner

Experts in operation and airport design, they apply their training and knowledge in preparing airport plans. Their work mostly incorporates facility requirements, implementation programs, passenger data, multi-year forecasts, and airfield capacity. They decide all the runway capacity factors related to air traffic growth.

Airport Director

The ones that oversee the long-term development and day to day operation of an airport. The director is responsible for managing security and maintenance, terminal operations, planning and implementing procedures for purchasing, personnel, budgeting, and customer service.

They keep pace with industry trends and the regulatory environment.

The real deal about Aviation Managers:

Well, let’s be clear. Knowledge of Business Aviation will not lead you to a flying job.  It is essential, but a management job. They do have to work with the corporation’s administration, finance, human resource, legal, IT and other business units. Aviation courses in Kochi are the forefront runners in equipping the right skills in an aspirant, so watch out for real quality education providers and aviation institute in Cochin.

Transglobe Academy, one of the finest training centers for aviation courses in Kochi paves the way to attain your dreams of achieving a lush career in aviation management.


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