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Career Opportunities in Travel and Tourism Industry

India has copious culture and heritage which paves the way for the great contribution of the tourism industry to the Indian economy. The travel and tourism industry is evolving day by day and will definitely continue to do so in the future years.
Travel and tourism play a vital role in helping a country to earn foreign exchange and a large number of people work directly or indirectly through related service industries. The travel industry offers a variety of jobs from which you can choose as per your skills and interest. If you wish to follow a career in travel and tourism industry, know about these career options in this sector:

Travel agencies: Travel agencies arrange all travel requirements of a client with the best options available. The resorts and hotels rely on travel agents to promote their packages and offers.Travel agents deal with documents to be carried, short routes, the best place to stay etc. They can make the trip most memorable by optimizing the client’s special needs, budgets, and preferences.
Tour operators: The role of tour operator includes managing the tour and stay of the clients, operating domestic and international tour and making the clients to visit the attractive destinations. For a tour operator, certain qualities are assumed to have like pleasant personality, knowledge regarding the activities in various destinations, and must be able to travel with the clients to make the tour amazing and hassle-free for the tourists.
Tourism manager: Tourism officer is a blend of public relation, marketing, and management. One who wishes to be a tourism manager should be enthusiastic, energetic and should possess excellent communication skills and resourceful. A Tourism manager will be in charge of supervising the staffs, doing market research, prepare visitor information etc.
Holiday representative: It is the duty of the holiday representative to take care of a group of clients of holiday package in the resort.The main responsibility of a holiday representative will be to make sure that clients enjoy their holiday and all things are running smoothly. The responsibilities of such a profession will be ranging from meeting the client at the airport to satisfying the clients’ local needs.

The travel and tourism sector provides a wide range of promising career opportunities around the globe.All recruiters prefer well-trained and skilful candidates for this career. Hence, choosing the best institute is the first and the foremost thing to do for making the right step towards your dream career. For this, all you have to do is to enrol with Transglobe’s travel and tourism course. This well-structured curriculum will definitely turn out to be the gateway to the endless opportunities in the world of travel and tourism.

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