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The aviation sector is blessed with myriad fields and opportunities to follow. Here are some fundamental courses that you can find in any aviation institute.


As the name suggests the course enlightens the candidate about the management of airports. The program imparts the basic knowledge about the functions and procedures involved in directing and managing airport functions. Various sections the course touches on airport management are airport safety procedures, aviation laws, aviation security, airfield management, fundamentals of airport management, and airport industry operations.

The completion of the course equips students to assess various factors involved in airport management and to ensure a glitch-free functioning of airport activities. The course upskills the students in activities such as scrutinizing and handling airline delays, managing the security aspects of an airport, familiarizing with the national as well as international aviation regulations. The completion of the course may not necessarily fetch an airport manager job for the candidate, but it will surely help a candidate to secure at least an entry-level job in airport management.


Have you ever dreamt of a job that lets you fly across destinations and gives you lucrative salary packages? Air hostess and cabin crew jobs are one of the most glamorous jobs that air travel offers. The duty of an air hostess or a cabin crew member is to render excellent customer service to passengers and making sure that their journey is comfortable and safe.

The course equips the candidates to deal with emergency situations and ensure the safety of everyone aboard. The issues the cabin crew deals can range from medical emergencies to security threats. In such circumstances, the crew should keep their calm and administer necessary safety procedures and first aid. The cabin crew should inspect the working of emergency equipment and ascertain that they are working properly prior to take off. Another responsibility that falls into the hands of the cabin crew is the demonstration of safety procedures.


Piloting is the first job that comes to our mind when we hear the word aviation. They are the ones that drive the industry; both figuratively and literally. Many small-scale aviation institutes would not have pilot training. Fully-established aviation institutes normally have pilot training facilities. During the training, the candidates are sometimes taken to airbases to provide hands-on experience for the budding pilots. The highly technical course is often administered by industry stalwarts and aviation experts.

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