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FDI & Nation Civil Aviation Policy: Booming job opportunities in Indian Aviation

We are witnessing an unprecedented growth in civil aviation and a massive rise in the number of air travelers. The trajectory of the aviation industry in India has taken off just like an aircraft with the growth in middle-class air traffic and low oil prices. With the increase in demand for aviation services, humongous job opportunities are also waiting to crop up. An exponential growth of 17.62% in the total passenger traffic in the last 10 years proves the aforementioned facts.

Here are some major factors which are fueling the growth of Indian Aviation and which makes air travel possible for all of us.

National Civil Aviation Policy, 2016

Civil Aviation Policy emphasizes on the improvement of regional connectivity, development of unused airports and modernization of existing airports. The policy also decrees for developing more facilities at Maintenance Repair and Overhaul department and relaxation in key rules and regulations wherever required. The policy also calls for improving regional connectivity by reviving the unused airports as no-frill airports and also to lead more business opportunities to tier- II and tier-III cities. Out of 5000 crores of India’s MRO business, only 10% is spent in India; therefore the policy aims to work towards the development of MRO facilities within India by exempting taxes and royalties.

Relaxation in FDI Norms in Aviation

Another crucial factor that has paved the way for the boom in Indian Aviation is the relaxation of FDI norm where 100% foreign investment has been allowed, helping Indian players to offer competitive fares to attract the middle-class population. A whopping investment of USD 931.05 million was brought by FDI in Aviation sector including domestic airlines in the last 16 years and will surely grow in the upcoming years.

Development of a new middle class:

The tremendous growth in the purchasing power, lifestyle and disposable income of the middle class in India which makes up around 267 million are believed to be the biggest reason for the boom in air travel. The growing middle class is being lured by the low ticket prices and time-saving by highly competitive air carriers.

New Carriers and growing Investment:

New players are trying to get into the game and current players are also eyeing for expansion by acquiring fresh investments and increasing capacity in accordance with the skyrocketing demand.
All these factors have led to a volcanic eruption in the job opportunities in aviation sector with lucrative job positions like the pilot in command, co-pilot, senior- junior cabin crew and also opportunities in technical areas like Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Electrical Engineer, and Instrumentation Engineer.

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