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Customer Service

Value of Prompt Customer Service

We always hear the expression, “customer is king” and the ultimate objective of any businesses is to bring in customers who can bring in customers and the kind of customers that can do that are satisfied customers. Only reliable customer service will yield satisfied customers. Your accountability towards your customer does not end on the day he walks out of your company looking content with your product, rather, your responsibility towards your customer extends to the day he stops deciding to use your product. Thus, reliable customer service is one of the policies that one must definitely adopt.

Customer service in Logistics is a gargantuan task. The goal of creating a satisfying shopping experience should be the driving force behind every logistic process. Logistics Training Institutes stress on this fact and encourage their recruits to develop a customer friendly environment throughout the supply chain.

Though customer service evokes a memory of person wearing a headset, positioned in front of a desktop, replying to customer queries all through the day. However, customer service encompasses a larger set of services that at the end of the day wins you a pleased customer, this includes letting your customer know about the status of their delivery and how promptly the vendor is adequately skilled in replacing damaged and defected goods.

There are only three key factors that differentiate between a reliable customer service and a mediocre one.

●     Empathy

Empathize with the customer to build rapport with them.

●     Knowledge

A reliable customer service is the one that is well aware and informed about the common problems that customers face.

●     Dependability

A customer undertakes the task of contacting the customer service as a last resort to find a solution for their concern. They depend on your service, do not fail them.

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