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Job roles and Career Opportunities in Logistics

Logisticians as they’re often called, logistics professionals make sure the customers get what they want, goods and promises are delivered, and that the world goes round.

Trained logistics professionals who can see the job through, always come high in demand. While some small-scale business owners themselves take up the role of a logistician, all sorts of businesses, big and small alike, need logistics managers to handle their operations. Here are some prospective job roles and career paths in logistics.

Job Roles in Logistics
Because the job demands experience, most logistician starts down at the bottom and work their way up the ladder. Some of the job roles handled by logisticians are:

● Logistics Services Salesperson
● Analyst
● Customer Service Manager
● Consultant
● Inventory Control Manager
● Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator
● Logistics Software Manager
● Logistics Engineer
● Systems Support Manager
● Logistics Manager
● Materials Manager
● Purchasing Manager
● Production Manager
● Supply Chain Manager
● Transportation Manager
● Warehouse Operations Manager
● International Logistics Manager

Career Opportunities
Nearly half of the logisticians in India are employed in the manufacturing sector, and this figure applies to other parts of the world as well. Owing to the surge of technology and e-commerce, logisticians with technical knowledge are considered valued assets to businesses and hold a promising career in logistics.

Entry-level jobs in logistics
Customer service management, Inventory management, Delivery staff, Office staff are some of the entry-level jobs in the logistics sector in India. Even though these jobs don’t require a bachelor’s degree, to avoid career stagnation and to work your way up, it’s important to get your logistics training from a certified logistics institute like TransGlobe.

Senior-level jobs in logistics
For the experienced and knowledgeable, senior-level jobs can range from the roles of Industry analyst, Global Logistics Manager, Operations head, Project Director, etc to Vice-President or even President of Logistics and Supply Chain Network. This would mean the responsibility of managing the global supply chain network and operations hinges upon you.

Whether you start from the bottom or middle, it’s important to remember that logistics is a field where training, knowledge, and experience are valued more than a master’s degree. So, get your logistics training from TransGlobe and grab a promising future.

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