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Supply Chain Management


As supply chain management begins with the origin of the product and ends with its consumption, the area it covers is extremely wide. In such a wide field, ensuring the enhanced customer experience is not easily possible simply with manual labour. The public relationship will keep growing and accelerating only if we top up human intelligence with artificial intelligence. On introducing robotics into supply chain management, the working environment changes from purely manual to humans and robots working side by side.

Tye Brady, Amazon robotics chief technologist says that robots make human smarter and complement their capabilities. The mode of working can be either by delegating different tasks for humans and robots or by working together collaboratively. There are works at which humans are good and robots are good. The work atmosphere can be made more comfortable after classifying the works to human and robot categories. For example, robots can be designed to lift heavy objects, which is not an easy task for humans.

Robotic tech vest is a wearable material, which should be a topic of discussion in this post. These vests are capable of keeping the humans visible to the robots working with them. The vest uses artificial intelligence and sensors to send signals with the robots and then the robots will decide which path to choose and thereby avoid bumping onto the humans who work with them. This is how humans and robots work together in the field of supply chain management to deliver your goods safe and sound.

It is awesome working with robots and being a robotic tech. When introducing robots to supply chain management another important requirement is maintenance technicians, probably a large number is required. Robots should be always monitored and calibrated as needed. When the heavy tasks are carried out by robots the humans can focus on other tasks where critical thinking and other such human capabilities are needed.

Since robots are capable of working in any flexible situation more precisely and consistently than humans they can decrease the product cycle and increase the profit margin. So obviously we can conclude that robots can improve supply chain management future. Transglobe Academy is the logistics & supply chain management institutes in Kochi and Calicut where you can pursue your degree on any of the logistics & supply chain management courses. We help you develop into a well-trained person and settle on a well-paid career in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

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