Career & Job Opportunities After Professional Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management

Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management deal with the civil aviation industry that includes airports, air travel, hotels, ticketing and hospitality institutions. It is one of the rapidly growing industries in the world and India. The sector has expanding job opportunities and is one of the lucrative options for pursuing higher education.

The hospitality and aviation sectors are interrelated and most of the courses deal with both branches of study. The academic programs in these fields are MBA, Diploma and Masters. Of these, the Diploma program is the best option for students who want to get a quick academic degree and working professionals who want to upskill themselves.

What is Professional Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management?

The Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management involves the study of the functioning of airports and related services. The course curriculum comprises topics that equip the students with in-depth knowledge about the industry. The students also study aviation regulations, the tourism department, ticketing mechanisms and hotel management norms.

The syllabus for the diploma programme is a comprehensive one covering the following topics:

  • Airline Management
  • Aviation Regulations
  • Communication & Soft Skills
  • Hospitality Management
  • Foreign Language Training
  • Crisis Management
  • Life Skills
  • Grooming
  • Personality Development.

The broad areas covered in this course are

  • Aviation & Hospitality Academy
  • Educational Institutes
  • Airport Control Rooms
  • Online Travel Websites
  • Airport Security Agencies.

The diploma program covers different areas of specialization:

  • Air Hostess Training
  • Flight Steward Training
  • Commercial Pilot Course
  • Ground Duty Officers Course

Students interested in doing this course must have the necessary computer skills. They need to have good interpersonal skills, punctuality, an eye for detail, creativity and the ability to innovate in times of crisis.

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Those interested in pursuing this diploma need to have mathematics and physics as subjects in Class XII. The reason is aviation studies require one to learn a set of topics for which a basic understanding of mathematics and physics is required. Let us look at what these topics are:

  • Mathematics for Engineering
  • Cognitive Process & Problem Solving
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Operations Planning
  • Engineering Cost Decisions
  • Statistical Methods for Engineering
  • Aerodynamics & Propulsion
  • Avionics System
  • Aircrafts System
  • Airline Operations.

So, who is eligible for this Diploma programme?

The basic eligibility is that the candidate should have passed class 10+2 or an equivalent exam from a recognized board. The student should also have secured at least 50% marks in the Std XII board exams.

Most colleges grant admission based on higher secondary scores. If you are one of the aspirants you will need to fill an application form either offline or online at the college of your choice. Candidates are then shortlisted based on merit and called for a personal interview round.

Some colleges have entrance exams that students will have to clear for securing admission. Government institutions have their exams and Personal Interview Rounds.

Some of the educational institutions that offer this Diploma course are:

  • Blue Sky Academy of Aviation & Hospitality Management, New Delhi
  • PTC Aviation Academy, Chennai
  • TransGlobe Academy, Kochi
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Kolkata
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Bengaluru
  • Sri Sanskar School, Noida.
  • Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai.

At the end of the diploma programme, the students will be able to understand and appreciate the industry. They will develop skills and knowledge and become a valued employee of the aviation industry. The course also teaches students to develop skills and knowledge in the science and mathematics of aviation.

Moreover, the students will be able to analyze, interpret and apply various principles that they have learnt during the course.

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What Are the Job Opportunities After Professional Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management?

The graduates of this programme have excellent scope to bag desirable jobs in the industry. Most of them find employment as an aircraft dispatcher, airline executive manager, cabin crew and in the Air Traffic Control unit.

Most of them draw average salaries between Rs 3 to 6 lakh.

Here are career opportunities after Professional Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management:

  • Pilot – A pilot is one of the most renowned career options. This degree equips them with their knowledge and know-how about the functioning of the airline. Pilots are quite sought-after in the aviation industry. They draw between Rs 5,000 and 75,000 every month. The best part of this job is that you will get to travel extensively.
  • Airline Executive: This job profile entails managing a customer’s files and accounts.
  • Airport Terminal Duty Manager: This person is responsible for the smooth functioning of the airport terminal and the other facilities at the airport. These people get an average salary of Rs 3,50,000.
  • Aircraft Dispatcher: An aircraft dispatcher assists in planning the flights and monitoring the health and condition of the aircraft. This proves to be very helpful when the climatic conditions are not at the best.
  • Airline Ground Operations Jobs: Airline Ground Operation Jobs involve airport handling activities, handling of passengers, cargo and mail, and checking the safety of the craft before departure.

All airline companies and airports have this position.

  • Airline Ticketing: This role involves booking flight tickets and handling reservations. They are agents who interact with the customers and address their queries about ticket fares, seat availability and timings.
  • Airport Jobs: Airport staffers are also called ground crew or ground staff. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. They are involved in the checking-in of baggage, helping disabled passengers and providing necessary information to flyers.
  • Baggage handling: The baggage and cargo handlers deal with loading and unloading of passenger baggage, mail, food supplies and freight deliveries. They manage the movement of the goods in and out of the cargo hold. Sometimes, they are given the responsibility to maintain the aircraft’s cleanliness and conduct other pre-flight tasks.
  • Cabin Crew/Air-hostess: They are supposed to be taking good care of the passengers, ensuring the passengers are satisfied, checking the cabin before taking off while keeping the safety regulations in mind.
  • Cargo & transportation: These agents take care of the shipment of goods through airline, train and trucking terminals and shipping docks. They ensure shipment deliveries take place as promised and proper documentation is carried out. They also track international shipments and look after customs formalities.
  • Customer service: A customer service agent with an airline is responsible for assisting customers with flight schedules, bookings, seat availability and loyalty programs. They help passengers with alternatives during flight cancellations and emergencies. Good customer service can ensure that flyers come back to the airlines during the next trip.
  • Fares & ticketing official: Airfares change quite frequently and they also depend on various factors. This is why a fare and ticketing official can play a major role in helping customers with updated information. They also assist in clubbing offers and planning trips in a way that the flyer gets the best deal.
  • Flight Attendants: They are an important part of every flyers journey. Air travel can be a worrying experience for many and flight attendants try their best to make it smooth and enjoyable for all. They assist passengers with their luggage, meals, medical aid and any other help as required.


Other job profiles for travel management degree holders

  • Foreign exchange executive: A Foreign Exchange Manager deals with trading functions and helps companies meet their corporate financial goals. They also service clients on international business issues.
  • Guest Coordinator: They are an integral part of the travel and hospitality industry. Their primary responsibility is to ensure guests have a pleasant stay and they do not face any inconveniences. They also provide assistance to the best of their abilities while arranging for pleasure trips and any personal requests.
  • In-flight services & security: This role comes with the responsibility of preventing any security scares on board. They have the power to restrain an unruly passenger and prevent other flyers from having any unpleasant experiences.
  • Itinerary Planner: An itinerary planner can be of great help to corporate companies and top executives who need help in coming up with the best travel plans. They help flyers to ensure that their trips go as planned in the best possible way.
  • Senior Travel Counsellor: A Senior Travel Counsellor provides clients with suitable travel packages. They do end-to-end planning for travellers and take care of tickets, commute, hotel reservations and all other bookings. They also provide passengers with the necessary information required for the travel.


The Aviation and Hospitality Management Diploma Programme equips students to take up job positions as soon as they graduate. The practical experience gained during the course makes them ready for all responsibilities and roles. This programme is an excellent option for all those who want to start earning after completing their graduation. While it ensures a good salary and a respectable job, these roles are also quite exciting and challenging. There is ample opportunity to grow in one’s career and make a mark for oneself.

Having explored the course and curriculum in detail, let us get to the most important question. Where should we enrol for the Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management diploma programme?

There are many institutions that offer you this course but if you consider the faculty, curriculum and placement opportunities then TransGlobe Academy, Kerala is your best bet. Its Professional Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management is a 9-month course. The course comes with twin certifications that keep the students updated with the industry developments. They also give the students an edge while applying for jobs. So, if you have completed your graduation or an equivalent degree check out website and apply now.

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