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Shipping Management

Career opportunities in Shipping Management

Transportation is a driving force of development and vital to the world’s economy. The products that we use every day might be grown or manufactured in a distant location. Logistics and shipping take the geographical barriers in business out of the picture. The products are packaged and distributed to some and it is procured by some else, delivered and consumed by yet another.

The shipping industry has tremendously over the years and now over 80 percent of the world’s goods are transported by sea. If you like the idea of traveling around the world, an international work life that revolves around the oceans, and keeps you in touch with people all over the world; then a job within shipping management is the ideal career choice for you. Many international and national container shipping lines are looking for ideal candidates to join their force. You cannot excel in the field with just talent; you require proper training and a certified shipping management course too.

Where do you fit into shipping?

Shipping companies can accommodate people with all manner of backgrounds, ranging from recent graduates to experienced professionals.Shipping management courses are available for all education backgrounds; starting from +2 to post graduation. The job varieties available under shipping management are huge and it can be roughly split into two sectors; maritime jobs and commercial jobs.Experienced transport industry personnel or people who have completed our entry-level shipping programs are eligible for maritime positions. Commercial transport positions are available to people from a broad spectrum of degree disciplines who have completed ship management course.

Find shipping career opportunities

Many international shipping companies like Maersk Group, China Ocean Shipping, Evergreen Marine, Hapag-Lloyd and United Arab Shipping Company recruits shipping management students every year. All these international and national companies recruit thousands of trainees around the world to train as their future maritime personnel.

Various job roles available are Officer Trainee; Deck Seafarer, Engineering Seafarer, Deck Cadet, Engineering etc. There are also frequent openings across the globe for experienced seafarers, officers, engineers and other qualified shipping personnel. There is an array of exciting jobs in Sales, Trade, Marketing, Law and Customer Services for more experienced professionals.

If you are interested in a career in shipping management across the seas join our Shipping management courses at Transglobe.We offer diverse and rich career opportunities and are committed to supporting our students achieve their career goals.

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