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Supply Chain Management

Collaboration: the key to value creation in SCM

With brands vying for control over the Indian market, Supply Chain Management systems are getting more sophisticated and with the recently introduced GST bill, these systems are subjected to well-organized implementations. This favorable environment can positively impact third party supply chain management firms and logistics training institutes that impart the best techniques and strategies involved in Supply Chain Management.

With business trends that improve sophistication and varying complexity, brands have realized that outsourcing their logistics and supply chain systems can enhance and refine their market and extend their grip among the masses by making their product available to every nook and corner. Collaboration is necessary to drive a business, and out-house supply chain management companies are proving themselves to be the best bet for businesses planning to broaden their prospects. By entrusting a third party supply chain management, firms have other perks as well. They are far more competent when it comes to the knowledge and technical know-how about getting products to the local markets even when subjected to unfavorable constraints.

There are three levels in supply chain collaboration:

Transaction Integration

Stringent laws keep our markets safe and unbiased. But these give rise to a lot of paperwork in the form of contracts and invoices that act as a valid proof for the on-going business processes. Business and their third-party collaborators should keep each other updated and informed about the exchange of such documents.

Supply chain management information sharing

Supply chain management information sharing level signifies the kind of information shared between two or more collaborating business entities that include orders, product descriptions, inventory, contract terms, supply capacity, and services.

Strategic collaboration

This level of supply chain collaboration emphasizes the need for finding a common ground between the partners about the strategy, planning, and design of the processes that are adopted for ideal functioning.

TransGlobe is a logistics training institute that understands the influence of strategic supply chain management and is keen on imparting the same to talented individuals.

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