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PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Course, Scope, Career Opportunities

Logistics and supply chain management are interrelated but they can be looked at separately too. Supply Chain Management essentially includes everything that is part of sourcing and procurement of raw materials. It also deals with the coordination between different stakeholders. These could be third-party service providers, customers and intermediaries. It links major business functions with the processes so that a cohesive and efficient business model can be formed. The principles are applicable across the marketing, sales, design, finance and technology aspects of a business.

Logistics management deals with the planning, implementation and controlling of the supply of goods or services. It is the study of all that happens between the origin of a product to its consumption. This is an integral aspect of meeting the consumer’s requirements. The study of logistics management includes the study of inbound and outbound transportation management, warehousing, invoicing, inventory management, supply and demand, and managing the third-party providers. This function also includes planning and scheduling, packaging and customer service.

In the following blog, we will learn in detail about what the course covers, why this degree opens up good career opportunities, eligibility, fees, admission details and the scope of the program.

What is PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

The PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides you with specialized knowledge about the domain from the industry point of view. Institutions design the course keeping in mind the latest developments of the sector both nationally and internationally.

The course covers concepts like operations, logistics, performance management and marketing strategies. The students pick up lessons in self-reliance, professionalism, creativity and quick thinking. Graduates in this program can apply to senior roles in both private and public organisations. Some of the prominent job profiles that you can explore are in the field of management, marketing, education and government departments.

This is a 1-year program with 2 semesters. Most institutes offering this course equip students with knowledge about operations, marketing, stock taking and the latest industry trends. Students also get to take part in exchange programs. This gives them a lot of confidence about dealing with various kinds of business environments.

Is PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management a Good Career?

Logistics and supply management is a good career path for securing a steady job. These candidates are also in demand because of the changes in the supply chain of goods post the pandemic. With ecommerce seeing a considerable jump, there is a great scope for fresh jobs and new roles in the sector.

The common job profiles that are most suitable for a student of Logistics and Supply Management are as follows:

Logistics Manager: They are in charge of planning, coordinating and monitoring the operations at the warehouse and production units. The logistics manager also looks after the smooth transport operations and the supply chain processes. He usually leads a team of employees working at the warehouse and other junior logistics specialists.

Supply Chain Manager: They keep a track of the company’s logistics and inventory. Their role involves monitoring vendors and suppliers to ensure that quality and safety standards are met. Supply Chain managers work along with procurement managers and buyers to source the right products. They negotiate contracts with suppliers and customers, keep a watch on manufacturing and delivery and oversee product storage, handling and distribution.

Road Transport Manager: They are responsible for planning and supervising shipments from the production house to the customer. They fix the daily and weekly supply routes. All tracking updates are in their control. Transportation managers need to have knowledge of barcodes and tracking software. They also need to be aware of the condition of supply vehicles, attendance of drivers and the movement of the goods.

Distribution Centre Manager: This person manages the daily activities of a centralized distribution centre. They are also required to monitor expenses, keep a tab on the losses and maximize revenue. They need to ensure that goods are dispatched on time and they are delivered to the right destination in the required quantities.

Inventory Manager: An inventory manager has to track and record deliveries, shipments and most importantly the stock levels. They need to check the status of deliveries and count of products at any given time. This helps in keeping the inventory updated and avoids instances of shortage or excess products in stock.

Stock Clerk: A Stock Clerk’s duty is to arrange for products that are required to organize displays in a shop window and in other places. The other duties are keeping a count of the inventory, placing price tags and arranging products on shop shelves and counters.

What is the Role of PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

A PG Diploma is considered to be equivalent to a Master’s Degree. This degree in Logistics and Supply Management makes the candidate fit for senior positions by acquiring new skills. It helps you to grow in your career and gives you an edge over other candidates.

Most institutes offer a dedicated career coach and holistic development. The course comes with the opportunity to take part in real-world projects that adds a lot of value to one’s resume.

We will now look at some of the other advantages of enrolling on this programme:

  • A PG Diploma course is usually a 12-month programme whereas it takes 2 years to complete the Master’s degree course. Those who cannot afford to dedicate that long can opt for the PGDM course. Since both carry almost the same value it proves to be very helpful for working professionals.
  • The PG Diploma option is extremely helpful if you want to do some value addition to your professional qualification. With this degree, you stand the chance to seek a promotion or apply for a senior position without having to take a break in your career.
  • A PG Diploma course usually costs less than a Masters’ degree and is, therefore, preferred by many who look at it for professional gains and not from the point of view of just adding academic degrees.
  • The purpose of studying for a PG Diploma is also to build connections in the industry. Your batch mates will help you to widen your horizon of knowledge and the scope of personal growth. Most institutes include guest lectures and industry visits in the program. These prove to be useful in expanding the sphere of acquaintances in the industry.

Course Highlights

The PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain encompasses specializations in management skills, operation of products and management of operations. The course also teaches you different skills like operation research and managerial activities.

The specific topics covered by the program through the four semesters are — Accounting, Marketing, Managerial Economics, Statistical Analysis, Professional Communication, Supply Chain Management, Capacity Planning, Social Economic & Ethical Issues, Conflict Resolution and Human Resource Management.     

Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility criteria are that the candidate should have passed graduation with 55% marks. Most institutions offering PGDM programs require students to obtain a minimum score in one of the entrance exams. While CAT is the most preferred exam, the other entrance tests are GMAT, CMAT and ATMA.

Fees Structure 

The course fee for the PG Diploma program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management falls in the range of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 15 lakh. Since the course is usually divided into four semesters the fee for each semester comes around Rs 40,000. Most institutions charge separate admission fees and examination fees as well. There are some colleges that offer loan facilities to students since the total fee amount is quite high.   


Most colleges offer a 12-month duration for this program. This is considered to be big advantage of this course since it allows working professionals to easily obtain the degree without having to take a break in their career.

How to find a top Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Course & College in India?

There are many institutes in India that offer PGDM courses in logistics and supply chain management. There is a high demand for graduates in this particular specialization and they often get recruited in large corporations. As a result, the number of colleges offering this course is increasing by the day. Thus, the tricky question is which college to enrol on.

We can zero in on the college by examining and comparing some factors like the course structure, faculty, fee and placement opportunities. A detailed consideration of the top colleges on the basis of these factors reveals that TransGlobe Academy scores high in all of these aspects.

TransGlobe offers a 12-month PGDM course in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Anyone who is a graduate or has an equivalent qualification is eligible for admission. The college also offers industry-best certifications that complement the course well. Moreover, TransGlobe provides students with the best placement assistance.

Career & Job Opportunities 

This has turned out to be one of the most sought-after degrees primarily because of the changes in which businesses trade and interact with customers. While several new openings have come up, there are some traditional posts that will remain important.

Let us look at some of the common positions:

– Increasing growth in Specializations has indirectly led to the big Ganpati celebrations. Some of these positions are:

– Distribution Managers

– Logistics Planners

– Supply Chain Manager

– Quality Manager


We can thus arrive at the conclusion that this degree holds a lot of value in today’s day and age. In today’s testing times, companies need to take up the following responsibilities.

You can all turn into entrepreneurs with all this knowledge. This degree also opens a lot of managerial positions so that the decision-making functions take place smoothly. With a strong industry connection, TransGlobe also assures the best placement opportunities for eligible students. TransGlobe also strives to create a productive space for both skilled and unskilled people.

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