Get Supply Chain Management Jobs in Merchant Navy

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Almost all jobs at Merchant Navy are of great demand and highly paid. The career can offer prodigious global exposures to skilled and qualified professionals. One of the best vocations to choose at merchant navy is supply chain management. Merchant navy plays a vital role globally in transporting goods from one destination to another. Supply… Read more »

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The hospitality industry in India is now facing a paradigm shift from all traditional norms.The global economy is highly supporting the growth of the industry. Every year, the number of global travellers is increasing with millions of new consumers from both new and developing markets.With the advancements in needs, the trends in the hospitality industry… Read more »

10 reasons to choose Hospitality management as your career choice

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Hospitality jobs are one of the most wanted jobs in the 21st century, due it’s tremendous growth and the ever-evolving nature of the industry. Hospitality offers amazing opportunities for travel-enthusiast graduates who aspire to begin their careers in and abroad. Students are ushering in this industry for its various benefits.If you are attracted to follow… Read more »


The aviation sector has emerged as one of the most rapidly developing industries in India. India is presently considered as the third largest domestic civil aviation market in the world. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) affirms that the country will surpass the UK and will reach the second place by 2026. The aviation sector… Read more »


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The unprecedented growth and massive expansion recorded by businesses are majorly fueled by the transportation industry. When road transport takes products within a country or even through shared borders, it is the shipping industry that transports the goods to the global markets and dissolves the geographic barriers that pose a hurdle to business. It is… Read more »

aviation courses


The aviation sector is blessed with myriad fields and opportunities to follow. Here are some fundamental courses that you can find in any aviation institute. AIRPORT MANAGEMENT COURSES As the name suggests the course enlightens the candidate about the management of airports. The program imparts the basic knowledge about the functions and procedures involved in… Read more »

Aviation course


There are many factors that make aviation courses the most sought-after courses among the deluge of career opportunities available. Unlike other jobs, aviation career is less likely to be 9 to 5 boring jobs. The jobs that the aviation industry offers are challenging as well as exciting. The recent boom in the aviation industry and… Read more »



Businesses are not local anymore; they don’t have geographic limitations. The globalization of business was propelled by the advancements in the logistics industry. The logistics sector is expected to be one of the biggest employment creators in the near future. The ticket to this lucrative industry is a certified course and exemplary training. Logistics courses… Read more »