How to choose the best aviation institute


Owing to the boom in air commute; aviation is increasingly becoming popular as a remunerative career path for job aspirants. There is a plethora of aviation institutes and aviation courses available for students to pursue this field. Choosing from the multitude of courses and schools could be difficult; there are various factors to be considered… Read more »

Functions of ship management in shipping companies

          Shipping Management   

Ship management consists of registration with a nation or flag, insuring, crewing, retaining and operating with numerous laws and regulations to fulfil with. Shipping companies cannot stay alive without management, and management is the way to suitably acclimatizing to their business environment. The achievement of shipping companies lies in the management’s efficiency. As shipping management… Read more »

Importance of logistics course in the current business environment


Logistics can be defined as the practice of transporting materials or goods from a source point to any distinct destination. The business sectors use the term to refer effective transportation as well as storage of goods from the point of origin to the ending. In the current business environment, logistics is a highly demanded profession… Read more »



With the continuous progression of technology, marketing logistics are experiencing rapid change. What used to be difficult is now being mixed with technology to produce more competent, self-composed systems. Innovative technologies and practices are redesigning the mode supply chains operate. By pursuing a logistics course, you will be able to understand the pulse of this… Read more »

Logistica management career


Doctor, accountant, lawyer, and engineer are not the only rewarding and lucrative career one can pursue. There are much lesser known jobs with equal or greater potential when it comes to paying, job security, and job satisfaction. The industry of logistics management is on the rise as far as profit, opportunity, and viability is concerned…. Read more »

Jobs in Supply Chain Management

          Supply Chain Management   

Supply chain management might sound limited or may seem simple, but this field is vast and opens up an array of remunerative opportunities and jobs for pursuers. In a nutshell, supply chain management pertains to the activities involved in procurement, production, and distribution. If you get proper logistics training, these are the jobs you could… Read more »

trends in logistics


Transport industry such as logistics forms the backbone for any country to move ahead towards development.Logistics and transport industry is witnessing many changes and things are moving pretty fast. To keep up much with the changing trends of logistics one requires logistics training.Here are few prevailing trends of the industry. Production is being brought closer… Read more »

highest paying job in aviation


Aviation is a booming industry and it is presently witnessing an unprecedented growth. Job in an aviation industry is not just limited to pilot or air hostess; there are many facets to the industry which offers a multitude of career opportunities. If you have an aviation dream and if you are muddled about which sector… Read more »

Supply Chain Management in Kochi

          Supply Chain Management   

Supply Chain Management is a broader term which refers to the transportation of finished products and raw materials, right from the suppliers to the ultimate consumer whereas logistics is a small portion of Supply Chain Management that deals with the management of goods in an efficient way. Are these concepts similar? Will you be able to land a… Read more »

What is logistics and why is it important?


Logistics management is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the flow and storage of goods and services in order to meet customers’ requirements. It is an integral part of supply chain management that refers to the flow and transportation of product from the warehouse to the consumer. Logistics management is a crucial factor in… Read more »