Get Supply Chain Management Jobs in Merchant Navy

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Almost all jobs at Merchant Navy are of great demand and highly paid. The career can offer prodigious global exposures to skilled and qualified professionals. One of the best vocations to choose at merchant navy is supply chain management. Merchant navy plays a vital role globally in transporting goods from one destination to another. Supply… Read more »

Jobs in Supply Chain Management

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Supply chain management might sound limited or may seem simple, but this field is vast and opens up an array of remunerative opportunities and jobs for pursuers. In a nutshell, supply chain management pertains to the activities involved in procurement, production, and distribution. If you get proper logistics training, these are the jobs you could… Read more »

Supply Chain Management in Kochi

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Supply Chain Management is a broader term which refers to the transportation of finished products and raw materials, right from the suppliers to the ultimate consumer whereas logistics is a small portion of Supply Chain Management that deals with the management of goods in an efficient way. Are these concepts similar? Will you be able to land a… Read more »

Collaboration the key to value creation in SCM

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With brands vying for control over the Indian market, Supply Chain Management systems are getting more sophisticated and with the recently introduced GST bill, these systems are subjected to well-organized implementations. This favorable environment can positively impact third party supply chain management firms and logistics training institutes that impart the best techniques and strategies involved… Read more »

Supply Chain Projects

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With international competition at its peak, and prices going down owing to pressure from the market, supply chain professionals are often asked to bring in more revenue from funds that are already running thin – a seemingly impossible task that can, however; be brought under control with these 5 supply chain projects. 1. Re-design your… Read more »