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Things You Need To Know About A Career In Logistics - Transglobe Academy 26 July

Things you need to know about a career in logistics

Logistics is considered as a giant business that plays a huge role in maintaining a nation’s economy. The career opportunities… Read more »

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Logistics – An Integral Component Of Supply Chain Management - Transglobe Academy 19 July

Logistics – An Integral Component of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the broad term that encompasses, planning, design, control, and implementation of all business processes related to… Read more »

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Tourism And Hospitality Industry In India - Transglobe Academy 14 July

Tourism and hospitality industry in India

The Indian tourism and hospitality industry has evolved as one of the crucial drivers of economic growth and development in… Read more »

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FDI & Nation Civil Aviation Policy: Booming Job Opportunities In Indian Aviation - Transglobe Academy 6 July

FDI & Nation Civil Aviation Policy: Booming job opportunities in Indian Aviation

We are witnessing an unprecedented growth in civil aviation and a massive rise in the number of air travelers. The… Read more »

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Value Of Prompt Customer Service - Transglobe Academy 20 June

Value of Prompt Customer Service

We always hear the expression, “customer is king” and the ultimate objective of any businesses is to bring in customers… Read more »

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Job Roles And Career Opportunities In Logistics - Transglobe Academy 13 June

Job roles and Career Opportunities in Logistics

Logisticians as they’re often called, logistics professionals make sure the customers get what they want, goods and promises are delivered,… Read more »

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Scope Of Logistics In Dubai - Transglobe Academy 6 June

Scope of logistics in Dubai

In recent years, Dubai has shown dramatic growth in logistics and as a result, has become an indomitable player in… Read more »

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The Future Of Logistics-9 Trends To Follow In 2017 - Transglobe Academy 17 May

The Future of Logistics-9 Trends to Follow in 2017

The supply chain has given a competitive edge to businesses. In 2016, many companies made innovative use of logistics which… Read more »

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Collaboration - The Key To Value Creation In SCM - Transglobe Academy 12 May

Collaboration: the key to value creation in SCM

With brands vying for control over the Indian market, Supply Chain Management systems are getting more sophisticated and with the… Read more »

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7 Reasons Why The Supply Chain Matters To Business Success - TransGlobe Academy 26 April

7 Reasons Why the Supply Chain Matters to Business Success

The supply chain is crucial to the health and success of your business or product. Businesses that ignore the supply… Read more »

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