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It is estimated that 140 million people work in logistics. And out of it, only 1-2 percentages are the women. The field of logistics is male-dominated to a very high extent. One of the main reasons for this may be that considering logistics as a ware house work, full of lifting and moving. But in reality, there is much more to do rather than typical masculine jobs.

Machine operators and storage technicians are some of the job titles where a considerable amount of physical work is needed. And of course, in such areas, we can surely expect the male dominance. But with the development of technology, we can see the introduction of robotics and automation in this field. When the robots do the heavy task, the barriers for women’s entrance has lowered.

Globally more and more women are qualified and are willing to procure a career in the logistics field. Some even dream to be more than being a part. Even different companies across the world express interest in making more women work with them. They try providing training and make flexible work hours, maternity leave and many more other features are added to get more women to be a part of them. The women would expect such mentioned features.

Every employee regardless of their gender must be given equal opportunities in the workplace. Male or female, every person will have their unique talent, skills and personality, when nurtured properly their outcome could benefit any organization tremendously. Keep yourself away from the myths like women are not suitable for jobs in the logistics industry.

The huge shift in the people’s mindset has started to change the biggest problem ever faced in the logistics field. If any ladies out there aspire to become a logistician, then you have chances for it now much more than before. Transglobe Academy is the best logistics institutes in Kerala, which provides you with the best logistics courses. Pursue the appropriate one and get to your dream jobs.

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