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Doctor, accountant, lawyer, and engineer are not the only rewarding and lucrative career one can pursue. There are much lesser known jobs with equal or greater potential when it comes to paying, job security, and job satisfaction. The industry of logistics management is on the rise as far as profit, opportunity, and viability is concerned. Logistics courses will equip you to land a money-spinning job in this promising industry. Read on to know more about this quickly growing field and to discern why a career in logistics may be right for you.

What is Logistics?

Logistics management is a subsector of supply chain management that facilitates transportation of business good and customer demands through the planning, control, and execution of the efficient movement and storage of associated information, goods and services from source to end.

The advantages of logistics degree

A degree or a diploma in logistics opens a floodgate of opportunities and advantages in the job market. With the whopping number of new companies cropping up and the existing companies looking to expand their logistics; a logistics degree holder will not be bereft of jobs and opportunities. A well- designed logistics management course will furnish you with the theoretical and practical knowledge to meticulously manage the supply chain operations of any business. A logistics manager would be entrusted with the planning, pricing, procurement, stock management and distribution of businesses. In a nutshell, a logistics course will enable you to form impeccable decisions about managing the logistics of the company. According to industry experts, job opportunities for logisticians are estimated to grow by 22% by 2020. With this rise comes the possibility of increased compensation, versatility, and job security. Currently, a skilled logistician can earn an average $72,780 and this can go up to $112,000 depending on the company, experience, and position.

Apart from the massive opportunities and humongous pay, a career in logistics gives you some personal developments as well. You will improve your earning potential and employability leaps and bounds with a logistics career. Inventory planning, logistics management, distribution planning, import and export management, supply chain management and transportation management are just a few of the career paths you can choose if you have a logistics degree.

If logistics is a career that comes to your mind as a potential career path, join our logistics courses at Tranglobe for a promising career.

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