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Supply Chain Management

Jobs in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management might sound limited or may seem simple, but this field is vast and opens up an array of remunerative opportunities and jobs for pursuers. In a nutshell, supply chain management pertains to the activities involved in procurement, production, and distribution. If you get proper logistics training, these are the jobs you could land.

  1. Purchasing agent

Purchasing agent as the name suggests procures materials, equipment or services to execute a manufacturing operation. He requests for bid proposals, acquires orders and analyses requisitions for goods and services. He also serves as a communication channel between vendors and distributors and he also initiates negotiations on behalf of the company.

  1. Operations manager

Operations manager regulates the operations of a company. He makes sure that the activities of an operation run uninterrupted and the chain of command is followed. He directs and coordinates the activities from procurement of raw materials to distribution of finished products. He also keeps track of performance and reviews the data to measure productivity and to bring improvements if needed.

  1. Logistics analyst

A logistic analyst deals with reviewing the supply chain processes and channels to identify the glitches in the system and to suggest the best possible solution to overcome it. He should possess good problem-solving skills and he should be spontaneous to come up with quick solutions.

  1. Supply chain manager

A supply chain manager is assigned to direct and coordinate supply chain activities. He should constantly review and scrutinize the processes and entities involved in the supply chain. He should find ways reduce cost, improve safety, amplify accuracy and timeliness of supply chain. He should also monitor forecast to anticipate changes and to find solutions to adapt to it


  1. Logistician

A logistician handles one of the crucial responsibilities of a supply chain management. He reviews and coordinates logistics functions of a supply chain. He is also expected to develop and nurture positive and beneficial relationships with clients and everyone involved in the chain. He should analyze logistics performance and make sure that the targets, guidelines, and benchmarks are followed.

  1. Purchasing manager

He manages everything that is bought for the functioning of a supply chain and budgeting of it. He analyses, designs, develops and directs the purchasing of raw materials, equipment and services and monitors the activities of purchasing officers and buyers.

If you have your eye on any of these money-spinning jobs, join our logistics training at Transglobe.


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