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Aviation is a booming industry and it is presently witnessing an unprecedented growth. Job in an aviation industry is not just limited to pilot or air hostess; there are many facets to the industry which offers a multitude of career opportunities. If you have an aviation dream and if you are muddled about which sector to choose, here is a list of top 5 highest paying jobs in the industry. Make sure you choose the right course and the best aviation academy for your training.

Director of Aerospace Program Management

This is undoubtedly the most paid job in the aviation sector. The responsibilities of this particular job are as humongous as the salary. An aerospace director’s primary responsibilities are designing, developing, and implementing business strategies for airlines companies. These professional contribute directly to the profit of the company and they are the ones that bring profit in company’s way by negotiating contracts for the building of planes and other aircraft.

Airline Pilot, Copilot

There is no need to explain the role and responsibilities of a pilot. He is the person that flies the aircraft and literally runs the business. A pilot has an array of duties between take-off and landing.  They ensure the aircraft is fit to fly; they make sure the weather is favorable and they control the aircraft through turbulence and pressure belts. A chief pilot or captain is always assisted by a co-pilot

Aerospace Project Engineer

An aerospace project engineer is concerned with the design and development of an aircraft. A project engineer should possess extensive knowledge in aerospace engineering and limitless skills in aircraft development. He should have a methodical understanding of various types of aircraft and jet engines and he also ensures that the aircraft development process meets quality and safety guidelines.

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

An aircraft maintenance manager is someone who spearheads the maintenance activities of an aircraft and the one who leads a team of mechanics, quality analysts etc. It is the maintenance manager’s responsibility to ensure that the aircraft is fit and all the safety guidelines are met.

Airplane Mechanic

An aircraft mechanic is the one who undertakes the repair and maintenance of the aircraft and ensures it is safe to operate. An aircraft mechanic will regularly assess the different parts of the engine and runs tests and inspection and prescribes repair or replacement of parts accordingly.

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