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Supply Chain Management

How Logistics Training can help you for a better career in SCM

Supply Chain Management is a broader term which refers to the transportation of finished products and raw materials, right from the suppliers to the ultimate consumer whereas logistics is a small portion of Supply Chain Management that deals with the management of goods in an efficient way. Are these concepts similar? Will you be able to land a job in SCM if you get logistics training? Let us find out.


According to John J. Coyle, logistics is about getting the right product, to the right customer, in the right condition, in the right quantity, at the right place, at the right cost and at the right time.

What is Logistics Management?

Logistics Management deals with the efficient and effective planning, implementation, effective forwarding, reverse flow, storage of goods, services, and exchange of related information between the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Inbound and Outbound Logistics

“Inbound Logistics refers to the movement of raw materials and other manufacturing goods from suppliers to your company. On the other hand, Outbound Logistics refers to movement of finished goods from your company to customers.

International Logistics and Global Logistics

Global logistics, International logistics, and global supply chain are one of the most ambiguous logistics terms out there. The overall management and overseas control of raw materials and finished products effectively as a single business unit is the main focus of international Logistics also known as Global Logistics.

 What is Supply Chain?

A supply chain is a network of a manufacturer, supplier, and distributor to produce and distribute a specific product. The supply chain represents the steps involved to get the product or service from the place of manufacture to the customer.

Supply Chain Management

SCM or Supply Chain Management refers to the synchronization of raw materials, finances, and data as they move in a process from the manufacturer to the consumer. Reducing the inventory is the ultimate goal of any effective supply chain management system.

Supply Chain Integration

A supply chain involves a supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and consumer; and the movement of goods starting from the supplier and ending at the consumer.

Here we have clearly defined and distinguished logistics and supply chain management. The Logistics training offered at Transglobe extensively covers the topic of Supply Chain Management. According to qualification and talents, we alter the logistics courses to accommodate students of any educational background.

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