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Top 10 supply chain and logistics trends in 2020

Advanced technology innovations are making immense waves across the industries, especially in the logistics industry. With the heavy use of technology in the manual processes and a large amount of data stored, the logistics industry is benefitting a lot from advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation. The logistics institute in Kerala offers wide-ranging training solutions in the field of logistics.

Top logistics trends in 2020 include:

  • Augmented and artificial intelligence: From the past few years, AI is making an enormous difference in the logistics industry. The sustainability solutions, delivery robots, and warehouse automated picking systems, all aspects are highly capable to benefit shippers, suppliers, and users in 2020.
  • Warehouse robotics: It is one of the fastest-growing fields that is continuously progressing with the advancement of technology.
  • Blockchain: In the world of logistics, blockchain can make it far much easier for the different shippers and carriers to share sensitive data. Moreover, companies can create different supply chain solutions and trade finance with blockchain.
  • Digital twins: Now, the physical and digital world can be combined into one that can be used to collect packaging data, product, identifying potential weaknesses, improving future operations, and many more.
  • Sustainability: From electric vehicles to AL-based software, companies are focusing on various technologies to reduce the negative environmental impact.
  • Authentic-time supply chain visibility: SCV (Supply Chain Visibility) has become a necessity in 2020. The real-time data is highly in demand by carriers as well as customers. Logistics companies using fully-fledged supply chains are experiencing more efficiency and productivity than those without integration.
  • Autonomous vehicles: Be it trucks or drones, autonomous vehicles have become directly related to the future of logistics.
  • Advanced analytics: Data in silos will no longer be a choice for the companies who want to keep up with the varying time. New data standards are created in 2020 to enhance the productivity of the logistics industry.
  • Logistics Big Data: The increasing size of the digitization process helps in obtaining a massive amount of data from different sources along the supply chain.
  • Safety logistics: Logistics service providers are focusing more to offer safe transportation and security solutions due to ongoing cybercrimes.

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