Top 8 Reasons: Why to Choose TransGlobe Academy for Bright Career in Aviation Industry

TransGlobe Academy is a division of TransGlobe Education Management India Pvt. Ltd., which is an established and globally recognized educational institution. Striving to change the educational standards and landing the youth with better job opportunities, TransGlobe has drafted an excellent course in aviation, Professional Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management. In this blog, you will find out how TransGlobe Academy can be your ideal choice for a rewarding career in the aviation industry.


Why Choose TransGlobe Academy for Bright Career in Aviation Industry?

The courses at TransGlobe cover various aspects of the aviation industry that will help you understand the necessary and important parts of the industry. Additionally, these courses also prepare you to become ideal candidates for a variety of jobs in aviation. Apart from these, below are the top 8 reasons why you should choose TransGlobe Academy for an aviation course. 

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum

The aviation courses at TransGlobe guide the students through an industry-related curriculum. The course trains the aspirants in different areas such as management at the airport, baggage claim and dealing with passengers, carrying out monetary transactions, and other such areas. Also, the students are helped to develop key professional skills that are required for becoming a global level aviation specialist. This way, a fulfilling career in the field of aviation is ensured.

  • Industry Integrated Training System (IITS)

TransGlobe Academy is the first institute in the country to introduce Industry Integrated Training System (IITS). Under this, the students are provided with professional training and education, making them outstanding candidates for jobs in the industry. The students are provided with complete industry knowledge during their training period at the academy.

  • Holistic Training

To become a truly potential professional, the students must be provided with holistic training. TransGlobe Academy understands the significance of the overall development of the students. That’s why, along with the academic education, the students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities as well as personality development programs. It is a significant part of the Professional Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel Management.

  • Hands-on Experience

At TransGlobe, the students participate in frequent industrial visits as a part of the curriculum. This helps the students in getting a first-hand experience, helping them get in touch with their interests and realizing their strengths. The industrial visits show the applications of lessons that the students learn in the classroom.

  • Certified Faculty

The faculty at TransGlobe is trained and well-experienced in the field. With their high qualification and certifications, they ensure that the students get the best education and training. By incorporating various teaching methods, the faculty members help the students excel in different aspects of the curriculum.

  • Placement Assistance

TransGlobe provides 100% placement support to the students. This is done by not only retrieving the best recruiters on the campus but also by providing the students with sessions of career counselling. The true potential and areas of strength are determined, which are then used to help the students get the best-suited job. Even during the course, the students are prepared to become ideal professionals for the aviation industry.

  • Industrial Global Leaders

With TransGlobe’s wide-ranging reach across the borders, the students get to avail unique and rewarding career prospects. Every year, recruiters from India as well as abroad hire dedicated candidates for the aviation industry from TransGlobe. The reason why the students of TransGlobe are outstanding, is the career-oriented training they receive at the academy.

  • Global Education Provider

The TransGlobe Academy has global recognition when it comes to providing quality education. Not only education, but TransGlobe also thrives in landing their students jobs that are exceptional and fulfilling. With an education that is recognized across borders, TransGlobe redefines several educational standards.


TransGlobe Academy is where the students receive the kind of education that sets a path for their bright future. The international reach aids the quality of education and training of the students as well as puts forth rewarding career opportunities for them. The Professional Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel Management can be pursued not only by beginners but also by professionals who need to upskill their career.

Education at TransGlobe Academy

TransGlobe is ranked among the most esteemed educational institutions in India. We have unique courses that set a course for a fulfilling career. A Professional Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel Management is a career-oriented course that develops key professional skills in the students. With a Professional Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel Management from TranGlobe Academy, you can have a sure shot at your career. Fill out the inquiry form, and we shall get back to you soon!

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