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Top 9 Reasons To Choose TransGlobe Academy For A Successful Career In Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Making an informed choice when choosing the perfect educational institute goes a long way in determining your future career prospects in any industry. While it is no different in the logistics and supply chain management career, TransGlobe Academy offers you an ideal platform to kickstart your career in this field. Building a successful career entails several aspects of which having a robust curriculum and infrastructure with an experienced faculty make a huge difference. And TransGlobe Academy sets up the podium for you to excel in your chosen field quite beautifully.

Learning the intricacies of logistics and supply chain management with comprehensive training solutions will help you capture the world stage and have an international career. With technological focus and internship opportunities upon completing the program, TransGlobe Academy transforms the students’ future by staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the market. So, if you want to make a career in logistics and supply chain management, hone your skills and explore opportunities with TransGlobe Academy.

In this article, you will understand why TransGlobe Academy makes a splendid choice for those of you willing to make a career in logistics and supply chain management. You will also get to know the several advantages of enrolling yourself in this institute and heading your career in the right direction.

Top 9 Reasons to Choose TransGlobe Academy for A Successful Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

First, getting to choose a career of your choice and next, building a successful career remain the two most essential aspects of any career-oriented person. When you get to do both, it becomes a satisfying decision and a position everyone would love to be in, any time of their lives.

A career in logistics and supply chain management offers plenty of opportunities for those interested and can even give you a chance to go international for your job. When the prospect is so bright, and you find an institute like TransGlobe Academy, you should grab the opportunity with open arms. Several aspects make TransGlobe Academy an ideal school of choice, and the advantages of learning here come plentiful. That’s what you will learn about here and make an informed choice.

Advantages of Studying At TransGlobe Academy For Successful Career:

  1. Industry-Relevant Curriculum

TransGlobe Academy strives to provide industry-relevant education to all students. Academic experts in the field collaborate with industry partners and students to create our programs. It ensures that your educational experiences and qualifications are current, interdisciplinary, and relevant to the world of work and that your employers respect and value them. TransGlobe Academy logistics institute provides logistics courses that assist you in developing the vital skills required of a global logistician.

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  1. Industry Experienced Faculties:

The TransGlobe Academy’s faculty comprises carefully selected professionals. These experts provide unrivaled value as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are experts at grooming young minds to make it big in their chosen field.

In Addition to the qualifications,all the faculties are with relevant subjects industry experience from the logistics industry.

  1. Industry Integrated Training System

TransGlobe Academy logistics institute in Kochi and Calicut provides high-quality classes for students, ensuring they gain comprehensive industry knowledge during their logistics training period. The industry-integrated concept is unique in that it focuses on skill gap analysis, industry analysis, and training students in the manner that the industry expects. Global exposure opportunities included in the program provide students with the opportunity to participate in internship programs.

By conducting Visiting Faculty lectures with  industry heads who are already working in the leading Logistics companies ,TransGlobe academy molds the student to be updated with the current scenario in the industry.

Industry Visits conducted by TransGlobe academy to all the verticals of the Logistics industry makes the student to directly understand the topics which they cover on their text books.

  1. Holistic Training approach

Holistic training provides students with an immersive understanding of a topic by weaving together training content from multiple perspectives and in varied formats. It results in long-term gains in performance and students achieving the desired outcome through a variety of methods. Our logistics institute prepares students to succeed in real-world industry situations and offers training sessions to help them improve their performance and skills.

  1. Additional training :

More Than a typical course TransGlobe Academy provides free add-on training in MS Office, GST classes, Industry visits and Visiting Faculty Lectures.

which also helps the student to be an expert on his initial job days also to be the best performer in the interviews.

ADD Regular student mentoring,one to one additional doubt clearance sessions for those who are back in the academics

  1. Guaranteed Internships

Internships are no longer optional for those entering the workforce. Without jobs waiting for them, students must plan their career paths years ahead of time and career-relevant internships are the key to success. Along with standard logistics training, we take our students around the world to learn about the industry.

A strong internship helps the student to well experience what he learned from the industry,also it makes the student get connected well to the industry in his initial days itself.

  1. 100% Placement Assistance

Job placement assistance is a type of support provided to job applicants from all walks of life by several sources. This type of assistance typically consists of a combination of career counseling and skills assessment. It also gives you advice on writing a resume, drafting a cover letter, and completing a job application. TransGlobe Academy prepares you well with additional personality development classes,communicative english training,group discussion training,interview preparation with mock interviews which includes technical and interview questions  for success in your career by providing career counseling and guidance, as well as logistics courses at the appropriate time.

TransGlobe academy is well associated with the industry to provide best placement to the students based on their talents.

  1. Global Education Provider

TransGlobe Academy aims to provide comprehensive training solutions with diploma and post-diploma certifications. Being a global education provider, we have helped students transform their lives and set up successful careers through comprehensive education.

  1. Industrial Global Leaders

TransGlobe Academy remains the global leader in educational programs and high-quality learning experiences that have international recognition. We want to be an accelerator for bringing together tomorrow’s industry leaders and assisting them in designing and driving a responsible industry transformation – all while getting the world excited about the logistics industry’s future frontiers and opportunities for you.

TransGlobe academy has been awarded for the best logistics management institute by world education congress.

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  1. Comprehensive Training Network

Choose from TransGlobe Academy’s extensive training courses. It helps you learn what you need to know and effectively optimize your career prospects. Our expert trainers will quickly bring students up to speed on the latest best practices, allowing them to maximize their potential. Our highly rated, interactive training programs are led by experienced professionals and tailored to the needs of students. The classes are narrowly focused so that you can quickly gain the knowledge you require.


Do not jeopardize your learning and education because they lay the groundwork for your future. It should be simple to find a college that is a good fit for your interests. On the other hand, education isn’t always about programs and faculty. It comprises infrastructure, facilities, and an experience that will lay the groundwork for your future. TransGlobe Academy, best Logistics and Supply Chain Management Institute in Kochi, India can serve as your springboard to a successful career in logistics and supply chain management; with the highest standards of knowledge and values.

Why TransGlobe Academy Is the Way Forward?

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give your career an immense boost comes only once in a lifetime, so making the most of it is critical. Aside from the numerous reasons stated above, TransGlobe Academy can serve as a guiding light, enabling you to make informed decisions and wise choices. TransGlobe Academy is known for its diverse programs, hand-picked faculty with extensive experience, and an inclusive environment that caters to every student. It encourages critical thinking and problem solving on two campuses that cover a wide range of subjects. Both of which will be necessary for the future if you want to make it big.

So, if you want to see the value of a well-rounded education, come to the TransGlobe Academy campuses in Kochi and Calicut. Meet with experts who can give you a tour of the campuses and guide you through the various programs and courses available.

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