What is Scope in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management?

What is Scope in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management?

Flying in the air, leaving the ground, travelling places, is something that fascinates us all, metaphorically and literally. Aviation is one of the most interesting field of education alongside hospitality and travel management. Once entering this field, there is great scope in advancing one’s career. In the blog below, we have covered the scope of aviation, hospitality and travel management as well as the career opportunities from the field.

Career Scope in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management

Aviation and hospitality are among the best paid industries leading to a quality lifestyle. Travel management as well has its perks and the personnel do get to come across vivid travelers and travel themselves as well. Besides, aspirants from various fields can becomes a part of this industry with the right education. Travel management attracts several travel enthusiasts and even provides them an interesting job leading to a fulfilling career.

Job Profiles: Professional Diploma Course in Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management

There is a wide range of job profiles that are found in the field of aviation, hospitality and travel management. These constitute of various places of work in departments ranging from office workers to crew members. Some of the major career roles in the sector are listed as follows:

Career Roles

  • Airline Ground Operations Executive
    The job deals with the executive taking the responsibility of the safety and operational efficiency for the airline services. It also involves ground handling by setting standards as well as initiating the implementation of global solutions.
  • Airline Ticketing Manager
    These are the managers who are responsible for overlooking the ticketing process and helping the passengers with the boarding pass and other ticketing services. They are also responsible for cancellation services and other related-services.
  • Baggage handling
    The personnel that works at the baggage are responsible for ensuring proper transport of passengers’ luggage and ensuring that it reaches the destination safely.
  • Cabin Crew/Air-hostess
    The cabin crew members and the sir hostesses are responsible for making the flight comfortable and convenient for the passengers. Apart from that, they are also in-charge of ensuring that the passengers follow the necessary instructions.
  • Customer service
    Customer services are more than just phone calling the users. These professionals need to make sure that no bad review is bad enough to significantly affect the firm.
  • Flight Attendants
    The flight attendants are the ones who are responsible for administrative duties, emergency assistance and most importantly, passenger comfort. They play a vital role in making the flight stress-free and easier.
  • Foreign exchange
    There are interesting jobs available in the foreign exchange department as well. These executives are responsible for making the currency exchange accurately. They need to be updated with the latest values of Rupee and other important currencies.
  • Sales executive
    There are various services offered under aviation, hospitality and travel management. The sales executives are the ones who bring customers and users to the respective company.
  • Guest Coordinator
    These coordinators are responsible for working with the administration department and ensuring a greater experience for the guests. They also perform various customer service responsibilities.
  • In-flight services & security
    The executives employed in this department are in-charge of making sure that the services in the flight are up to mark as well as whether the security of the passengers is well-assured.
  • Itinerary Planner
    This is one of the most interesting jobs in the industry. The itinerary planner gets to draft out a plan for the travelers for their trip to the desired location. It must include various attractive spots at the destination.
  • Passenger handling
    The professionals working in this department are responsible for creating an easy, professional and seamless experience for the customers from curbside to boarding.
  • Travel Counselor
    These are the counselors who assist and advise the travelers on the travelling plan that would be best suited for their money and their expectations from the destination. Apart from that, the counselors also help in any distress that is caused during the trip or before.
  • Travel desk executive
    These executives are the ones who assist the travelers in providing the travelers with the plan that they need and helping them execute their trip. They are the ones who collect the travelers’ money and provide the service, which includes bookings and reservations.
  • Travel Executive
    These are the executives who go with the travelers on their trip and be of assistance to their requirements. Travel executives are different from the travel guides who are only in-charge of assisting sightseeing for the tourists.
  • Front Office Manager
    The role of a Front Office Manager can be defined as someone who is the first one to interact with the potential clients and turn them to the right person responsible for their requirement. These managers are also referred to as Front Desk Managers.

Why choose TransGlobe Academy for Professional Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management

We at TransGlobe Academy ensure the best possible education for our students. Here are a few reasons as to why TransGlobe is your ideal choice for a Professional Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management:

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum
    The curriculum comprises of various industry-based aspects and subjects allowing the students to become competent for the sector. Hands-on training as well is given to the students helping them understand the requirements of the industry.
  • Certified Faculty
    The faculty members are industry professionals with a known experience, which makes them ideal educators to train the students for the profession. They are highly qualified ensuring to lead the students on a successful career path.
  • Industry Integrated Training System (IITS)
    TransGlobe has been the first institute in the country to introduce Industry Integrated Training System (IITS). With this system, we make sure to render the students what they require to become outstanding professionals.
  • Holistic Training
    The training of the students does not only consist of academic education, but also sessions of personality development allowing them to achieve a holistic education. This way, the students become the ideal candidates for their desired job.
  • Placement Assistance
    We at TransGlobe render our students with 100% placement assistance, helping them get a job to their liking and their potential. The Placement Team works hard to bring the best of the best companies and recruiters to the campus.


Becoming a part of one of the richest industries can prove to be quite rewarding. There are several ways in which a Professional Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management can help you in getting into the industry. The scope of the industry is suitable for aspirants from various fields. This is what gives aviation and other related fields the credibility and quality of life that it offers. With a Professional Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management, the pursuers have a chance in various areas and numerous options are available for their career.

Study at TransGlobe

TransGlobe is known among the most esteemed educational institutions in the country. We have unique courses in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management that are industry-oriented preparing the students for a successful career. With a Professional Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management from TranGlobe, you can have an extraordinary chance at your career. Fill out the enquiry form and we shall get back to you soon!

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